IVS GmbH Serbia has provided client-centric consultancy services for various types of power plants. To increase and enhance proficiency in this field on a continuous basis, the team is in constant touch with projects in operation to obtain valuable feedback that may be useful for projects being engineered.

Engineered a number of Thermal Power Stations operating conventional fuel fired boilers as well as multi-fuel fired boilers using solid, liquid and gaseous fuels. These include typically steel plant generated by-products like blast furnace gas, coke oven gas, coal and furnace oil.

Services we provide:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Design & Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Project Management
  • Operational Assistance

Feasibility Studies

Meticulous assessment of the factors affecting a project and determining its economic viability is imperative for any industrial venture. IPO Projekt's team of experts is dedicated to creating strategies, studies, reports and policy recommendations for government authorities and corporate clients as per their requirements.

Design & Engineering

IVS GmbH Serbia provides clients with engineering expertise throughout the project lifecycle, from feasibility studies and scope documents to design conceptualisation, construction management and post-construction evaluations. Its objective is to provide integrated, client-driven consulting engineering and design solutions that help companies attain a competitive edge in the market.

Engineering studies comprises of Basic and Detailed Engineering.

Construction Management

Construction management and monitoring of site activities has been one of the core competencies of IVS GmbH Serbia and it has extensive specialised experience in this field. Over the years the company has gained specialised expertise in detailed supervision. The services include Construction Monitoring & Co-ordination, Assistance in Procurement service for civil/ structural/ equipment erection work, Co-ordination amongst Client and contractors working at site and Site supervision.

Project Management

Effective Project Management is the key to managing change and innovation successfully in today's rapidly evolving technology domains. Dastur has in-depth understanding of the concepts and techniques required to manage projects of any capacity and scale. This service includes Project Planning, Schedule Management, Project Evaluation and Progress Reporting, Contract Management, Risk Management, Procurement Management & Performance Monitoring, Materials Management, Assistance in Commissioning, Follow-up, expediting Services and Budgetary Cost-Control.

Operational Assistance

IVS GmbH Serbia has a competent team of experts with international exposure, who have wide experience in operating industrial units of different capacities and based on diverse technologies/process routes. With the prime objectives of enhancing product quality, raising efficiency of operations, improving operating economics, the knowledge and expertise available with this team of IVS GmbH Serbia is effectively utilised for providing the following services: post-commissioning services for new installations, assistance in improving operating efficiency of existing plants and periodic review and advice.

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