The central control cabinet represents the core of the pickling plant, to which all the control devices for level and temperature control as well as the fume extraction plant are connected. Data is processed and recorded and can be transferred to the PLC of the crane system, thus allowing optimisation of the overall process and guaranteeing highest standards in quality assurance.

The process can be observed on the visualisation system where all data is displayed and certain parameters can be read and modified, if required. The comprehensive automation system, including various alarm and warning signals, guarantees the highest level of operational reliability.


  • highest level of automation
  • remote maintenance
  • quality assurance

Control of the Fume Extraction System

All operational parameters of the fume extraction and purification plant, such as conductivity, flow or partial vacuum, are monitored, indicated and processed continuously. Fresh water is replenished to the scrubber automatically.

Temperature Control

Temperature sensors are installed in the heated pre-treatment tanksand transmit the signals to the central control cabinet, where the actual values are displayed.
A motorised valve is installed in the heating circuit of each heat exchanger, which opens and closes automatically according to the set temperature.

Of course, there are additional safety measures in the PLC to avoid overheating.

Level control

Evaporation and entrainment losses of the pre-treatment tanks are compensated by means of the automatic level control system. If the level in one of the working tanks drops below the set point, an automatic valve opens and the respective fluid is filled until the set level is reached.

Main Advantages

  • highest standard of automation
  • soft or hard PLC
  • comprehensive and dynamic visualisation
  • remote maintenance guaranteeing highest level of operational reliability
  • monitoring

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