Together with our customers, we analyse the requirements that are necessary to achieve the objectives. We create customised concepts together with our business partners for optimum material flow taking into consideration the specific requirements of the respective products to be galvanised.

Our product range consists of:

  • Pretreatment baths, piping and storage tanks,
  • Furnaces and zinc bath encapsulations,
  • Logistic systems with overhead cranes and mono rail systems,
  • Environmental technology: gas scrubbers, dry filters, acid recovery systems and rinse-, flux- and degreasing treatment,
  • Chemicals: degreasing products, flux, inhibitors and passivators
Some of a.m. items comes from our bussines partners in Germany and Holland.

We plan both manually operated plants, as well as semi- or fully-automated concepts.
Galvanising plants that use the system combine low production costs with optimum material flow while complying with the strictest environmental regulations.

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